What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for the food loving public to create a relationship with the farm and the farmer who grows their produce. By making a financial commitment to the farm, people become shareholders (members, subscribers) of the farm. In return shareholders receive a weekly amount of produce. By becoming a member you are building a relationship between the farmer, the food they grow and the food YOU eat, all while becoming stewards of the land where it is sown. Get your CSA application here.

Why Choose Sirna's Farm?

Not only do we grow all of our own produce at our farm, we produce a large variety of products as well. By choosing to join our CSA you will have easy access to all of your grocery needs including but not limited to: Free Range Brown Eggs, Homemade Sausage, Grass-Fed Angus Beef, Homemade Sirna Nut Butters, Honey, Maple Syrup, Jellies, Relishes, Local Wines and Cheese. Handmade Lotions and Body-wash, and more!!

Terms/Conditions and Perks

By becoming a member of the Sirna's Farm Inc. Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA), I agree to commit to the full twelve-week season. I agree to pick up my product as arranged (location TBD by location of shareholder, once application has been processed) or negotiated per Sirna's Farm. As a member of the CSA I understand that I will receive a weekly share, which may vary in size and weight from week to week depending on the time of the season and specific season changes. I understand that the variety of vegetables that I receive is chosen by the farmer based on what is being harvested per the point of season and peak in product. I understand that each week the share may vary because of the growing season and conditions, and that the risks and benefits of the harvest are shared. I understand that by making this commitment to the farm I am taking the same risks that the local farmer does of crop failure or success due to weather, etc. I understand missed deliveries that are not picked up within 24 hours will not be refunded unless an emergency and contact is made with Sirna's farm within 24 hours. Any planned absences from picking up your share should be coordinated on shareholder's behalf to have an alternative pick-up person and/or method. Most importantly, I understand that by joining the CSA program, I am making an investment in my future health, local economy & family owned business.

Pricing (includes picking, packing, deliveries, etc)

Sirna share: $275 Provides an amount for 2 adults. Discount available for purchasing of 2 shares to feed a family! Additional payment plans, such as SNAP, EBT, etc. Available by Request.

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